Buy Issue #1: Print Edition

Click Here to Buy The Ne’er-Do-Well #1: Print Edition

Issue #1 has it all:

El Nino, a lobster boy, an elderly fortune-teller, two instances of tea-drinking, a kitchen fire, a riding crop, a Shriners temple, awkward sex, bondage and domination, cognac, and masturbatory decision making!

It features the unforgettable work of:
Laura Bogart
Ryan Davidson
Allan Shapiro
Keith Rosson
Ricardo Perin
Jon Lasser
Dan Miller (cover art)

This issue was printed and hand-bound by local superhero Eberhardt Press, using recycled paper and vegetable-based ink.

And if that’s not enough to convince you to buy a copy, you’re beyond all hope!

The Ne’er-Do-Well is also available at Powell’s Books and Reading Frenzy, both located in downtown Portland, Oregon.

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