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The Ne’er-Do-Well is temporarily closed for submissions while we put together issue #2. If you’d like to jump on the email list, we’ll send out an update as soon as we re-open. Take care till then!


Here at The Ne’er-Do-Well, we’re fascinated by the fact that we’re all, at some point, the “other” — and that being the odd one out is an ironically universal experience. To that end, we’re seeking short stories and essays that present an “outsider” perspective: writers and characters navigating unfamiliar territory (be it psychological, emotional, or geographical) or searching for something (identity, sanity, love, etc.). We want stories that confront our respective “otherness” and see through to our fundamental human connections. And if they could be resonant and witty, too, that’d be great. Thanks.

Submissions should be:

* Fiction or creative nonfiction (no poetry)

* No longer than 8,000 words

* Original and unpublished

Though The Ne’er-Do-Well is open to genre fiction — especially if it’s genre-blending or experimental — submissions will be judged first and foremost on their literary merit. Please do not send us your police procedurals, letters to Penthouse, or religious propaganda. And if you have any other questions about “what we’re looking for,” get your tuchis on over to the order page and buy a copy of issue #1 for a mere five bucks!

Simultaneous submissions are okay, but please note that fact on your online submission form and notify us immediately if your piece is accepted elsewhere. As stated above, The Ne’er-Do-Well only accepts work that has not been published in any form, be it online or in print.

If your piece is accepted, it will be published in either or both the online and print editions of The Ne’er-Do-Well. We retain first-publication rights only, meaning that you’re free to do whatever you want with your piece after it appears here. However, if you do republish the piece, it would be splendid if you were to note that it first appeared here. Also, The Ne’er-Do-Well retains the right to republish your work in any future anthologies.

Payment: One contributor copy

Questions? Email Sheila:

Thanks — we can’t wait to read your work!


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